10 things you need to know about Solar PV


Solar MD specifies only Tier 1 components with a proven, long-term, operating
track record. In 90% of the cases a solar PV system consists of 3 major components:



This guys are getting  installed on your roof and converting the Sun light into usable electrical energy. This happens through the photo-voltaic effect.

There are 3 variations which you may consider for your installation:

  • Poly-crystalline silicon panels:

The most common on the market. Good efficiency (~18% on the cell level) and low production cost.

  • Mono-crystalline silicon panels:

Better efficiency than the poly-crystalline. Cost is ~10% higher. The efficiency drops in high-temperature areas.

  • Thin-film panels

Similar cost to the poly-crystalline PV modules. Lower efficiency. High-temperature conditions or low light (clouds, diffuse light) there efficiency performer.

Each type has positives and negatives, important by choosing any of them is to get a Tier 1 manufacturer.

Tier 1 solar panel manufacturer you are sure that:


  •  is bankable


  • exists for more than 5 years


  • covers all required international and local standards.


the inverters are the brain and muscle of the solar system and they convert the direct current into usable AC current ( 230V).

the inverter also determines the maximum size of the system. Installed inverters can be found in our Gallery. Also there you can find out why we are so good


The complete system should be then installed by a professional team, and an installation electrician should inspect and issue certificate of Compliance.

You have two options when choosing the system

  • small scale embedded generation (SSEG) – one can synchronize with the grid.
  • off-grid self consumption system with Lithium-Ion batteries. Find out more about your options here.


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